Best Sephora Value Sets

Bang for Your Buck Holiday Edition

Sephora has released all of the holiday sets which means it’s officially holiday season. Merry Christmas everyone!! Too early, I’m sorry, but it really is the time to pick up some of these holiday sets because they go FAST. I know this from experience. When I worked at Sephora and Ulta, I hated telling customers that walked in with a long gift list that half of the items were gone already and won’t be restocked. Unfortunately, gift sets are released early (too early IMO) and sell out before most people start shopping. So, for all of you early shoppers, this is the first of my Sephora gift guides. These 7 items are the best Sephora value sets. That is, you’re getting A LOT for what you’re paying!

1- The Little One Eyeshadow Palette – Lawless $25

Realistically, how often do you completely use up an eyeshadow palette? Personally, I’ve never run into that problem so I find mini palettes to be very ideal. You get to try out more palettes and not waste your money on a palette that you’ll use a handful of times. This palette features 8 essential colors that are perfect for day and night looks. Plus, the formula is absolutely amazing! (great stocking stuffer)

2- Undressed Lip Set- Anastasia Beverly Hills $40

We’re going to do some math: you get 5 FULL-SIZE lipstick products in this kit! If you were to purchase these separately, the cost would be $100 ($20 x 5) so you’ll be saving $60. That’s amazing and the colors are really beautiful.

3- Strike Gold Mini Plumping Lip Set- Buxom $39

Another great lip product value kit! Especially if you prefer glosses (the Buxom formula is super glossy and not sticky). One full-size Buxom lip gloss is 0.14 oz. so you’ll be getting the equivalent of 3 full-size glosses and two mini lip liners for only $39 instead of over $63. Great deal right??

4- Ambient Lighting Edit Face Palette (Ghost) – Hourglass $80

If you’re in the market for some powder face products, get a palette instead of purchasing everything separately because you’ll save so much! This palette has everything you need for a full face of makeup (could even be used for eyeshadow): luminous setting powder, highlighter, bronzer, and blush. All of these perform beautifully and are very easy to apply (no patchiness).

5- Chrome for the Holidays – Tarte $24

I absolutely love these lid toppers!! They give you the perfect amount of glitter that isn’t too chunky and are very easy to apply (no glue, just your fingers). Unless you use one of these everyday for two years straight, you probably don’t need the full-size. Plus, you get to try four colors instead of just one.

6- Brow Kits – Anastasia Beverly Hills $30

ABH came out with 3 brow kits this year: one for each brow product type (powder, dip brow, and pencil). All three kits come with one main product and two extra products that help you complete the look (brush, clear brow gel, colored gel, etc.). If you want to get your full brow routine in one kit, check these out!

7- Skincare for Makeup Lovers: Dewy Glow Set- Tatcha $65

Mark my words: this will sell out very fast because it happened last year! People went crazy for this kit because Tatcha skincare products are crazy expensive and these products come in perfect sizes (not too mini). I always stress the importance of skincare for your finished makeup look and this kit gives you everything you need including an AMAZING dewy finishing spray and a FLAWLESS pore-filling primer.

So, who’s excited for shopping holiday sets?? I certainly am! I hope this list helped you out and make sure to check out the blog the next couple of weeks for more holiday gift guides. Also, to get you head started on your shopping, I’m doing a giveaway for a $25 Sephora gift card!!! See below on how to enter.

Giveaway Entry:

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  • Winner will be picked November 10th (giveaway closes November 9th 11:59 pm)

Good luck everyone!!!

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