Five Face Masks For Radiant Skin

Face masks are so addicting and I like to think of myself as a mask junkie. I buy way more than I need and love to put them through the ultimate test. For most masks you won’t be able to notice a difference except with repeated use so sampling masks isn’t really a good idea. To help all you lovelies out there, I narrowed down my collection to five face masks that I can’t live without. You’d probably have to knock me out to get these babies out of my hand (dramatic but true). So, if you want to buy a face mask that is actually worth it and save yourself money and the hassle of researching, continue reading:

1- Hydration Mask- La Neige Water Sleeping Mask

This overnight mask may be the closest alternative to drinking water. JK!! You have to drink water either way but this mask will make your skin look so plump and hydrated that you could sometimes fake it. It uses hydro ionized mineral water to deliver intense hydration but also contains ingredients (apricot and evening primrose) that help draw impurities out. I recommend using it at least once a week even if you have oily skin (your oil glands may be overproducing due to dehydration). Did I mention that it won an Allure Beauty Award?

2- Detox Mask- Teami Blends Green Tea Detox Mask

I first heard about this product from Adi Arezzini, the CEO of the company, herself at a social media presentation. She talked about why she formulated each one of her products and for this mask she wanted a balance between a clay mask that works (cleans your pores) and a mask that isn’t too strong or irritating. In my humble opinion, she nailed it! This mask does exactly what it’s supposed to do and never dries my extremely dry skin. It uses matcha green tea, lemongrass, and bentonite clay as the main antioxidants and is 75% organic. Before this mask I loved (and still think it’s great) the Indian Healing Clay (also bentonite clay) that you could buy off Amazon. The biggest differences between the two are ease of use (you have to mix the healing clay) and strength levels (this one is more universal and doesn’t cause any irritation while the other one is too strong for some people). (1-2 times a week)

3- Exfoliating Mask- The Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask

This will become your best friend if you have acne scars which is the main reason I started using it. It uses acai, guarana, and babassu oil to gently exfoliate your skin to reveal a radiant layer. And it works!! This is one of the few masks out there that actually shows immediate results. Your skin will look cleaner and brighter after the first application. Thank me later (insert wink emoji here). (once a week)

4- Calming Mask- Origins Mega-Mushroom Relief and Resilience Soothing Mask

It truly astonishes me that most “calming” masks out there are the ones that end up irritating my skin and breaking me out. I don’t know what’s in them but the reality (at least in my case) is that most of them don’t work. This one, however, is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my skin. If your skin is red and irritated because of acne (or any other reason), you have to try this. It soothes and hydrates skin immediately with fermented chaga and coprinus mushrooms while increasing its resilience (which helps it fight bacteria). I’ve been using it for 4 years and probably sold at least 50 of these when I worked at Sephora because I would basically beg people to buy this because of how good it is. I also love using it on clients with rosacea before applying any makeup. Do yourself a favor and grab a sample of this next time you’re at Sephora and you’ll notice results immediately! (use as needed)

5- Radiance Mask- Fresh Vitamin C Face Glow Mask

Who doesn’t love Vitamin C? I certainly never want to live without it. This mask is made with a concentrated blend of 50% crushed citrus fruits and we all know that means a concentrated dose of vitamin C. If you didn’t know, vitamin C is great for dullness, texture, and an uneven skin tone. I love using this in the morning when my skin is just looking EHHH. You know the feeling right? It’s also a great pick me up for brides on their big day. (1-2 times a week)

And those are my five favorite face masks for radiant skin that I don’t ever want to be without! I’ve put them through a lot of testing on myself as well as on clients and I’ve never heard a complaint about any of them (maybe the Origins one smells a tiny bit weird but after all it has mushrooms in it). Face masks are a great way to give yourself a concentrated dose of specific ingredients that will address your skin concern because they stay on your skin for a long period of time. Plus, who doesn’t love a relaxing Sunday face mask??

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